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Mitigation is an integral part of the Division of Emergency Management. Mitigation actions reduce or eliminate the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. Due to Florida’s weather, geography, and miles of coastline the state is highly vulnerable to disasters. Disasters can be very costly to citizens and government. In 2005, a study by the National Institute of Building Sciences reported to Congress that, on average, every dollar spent on mitigation yields $4 in future benefits.

The Bureau of Mitigation administers several federal mitigation grant programs including the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program, Flood Mitigation Assistance Program, Severe Repetitive Loss Program and the Repetitive Flood Claims Program. The Bureau also administers the Residential Construction Mitigation Program, a state mitigation grant program.

In addition, to comply with federal regulations, the Bureau of Mitigation routinely updates the State Hazard Mitigation Plan and supports local communities with their mitigation planning efforts.

Bureau Chief - Miles E. Anderson
E-mail - miles.anderson@em.myflorida.com


Community Rating System - The National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System recognizes floodplain management and outreach activities performed by communities that exceed the NFIP minimum standards.

Flood Mitigation Assistance Program - A federal program that provides annual  funding for projects to protect flooded structures that are insured by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program - A federal, post-disaster program that funds projects to protect public or private property from future disasters.

Local Mitigation Strategy –A required plan that communities develop to identify initiatives that reduce the impact of hazards and to be eligible for federal and state mitigation grants.

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Assistance Program - The Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program, is funded by FEMA and administered through a partnership with the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program - A Florida program created to support wind research, mobile home tie-downs and to improve the wind resistance of residences.

State Floodplain Management Office - Promotes and ensures sound land use development in floodplain areas in order to promote the health and safety of the public, minimize loss of life, and reduce economic losses caused by flood damages. The Program serves as the State Coordinating Agency of the National Flood Insurance Program to work with Florida’s municipalities and counties to administer their local flood damage reduction regulations.

State Hazard Mitigation Plan - A coordinated stakeholder effort to bring together all hazard mitigation programs statewide with the ultimate goal of reducing hazard impacts in our communities.

Silver Jackets - This program, sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, provides a formal and consistent strategy for an interagency approach to planning and implementing measures to reduce the risks associated with flooding and other natural hazards.

Substantiating Mitigation in Florida


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