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State Floodplain Management Program

The State Floodplain Management Program promotes and ensures sound land use development in floodplain areas in order to promote the health and safety of the public, minimize loss of life, and reduce economic losses caused by flood damages. The Program serves as the State Coordinating Agency of the National Flood Insurance Program to work with Florida's municipalities and counties to administer their local flood damage reduction regulations.

The State of Florida has over 20.1 million residents, and 80 percent of them live or conduct business along or near its coastline. A significant portion of the remaining residents live and conduct business near many of the State's rivers and other inland floodplains. These residents and business are concerned about protecting their lives and property from future flooding. This is evidenced by the fact that 97.9 percent of all Florida communities participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. As of November 1, 2016, there are nearly 1.8 million flood insurance policies in Florida which represents roughly 37 percent of total policies in effect nationwide. These policies equate to more than $429.9 billion dollars of insurance coverage. Since 1978, Floridians have received more than $3.8 billion dollars in flood insurance claim payments. While flood insurance does not stop the damage, it does provide owners with financial resources to help recover from flooding.

About the NFIP

National Flood Insurance ProgramThe National Flood Insurance Program is a federally-subsidized flood damage insurance program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In order for residents and business owners to be eligible to purchase flood insurance, communities must exchange a commitment to manage development in their special flood hazard areas according to minimum federal regulations. These areas are delineated by FEMA on Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

State Floodplain Management Office

In Florida, the State's Division of Emergency Management, Bureau of Mitigation houses the State Floodplain Management Office. Floodplain Management Specialists work with Florida's communities, assisting them to successfully manage development in their floodplains, as well as monitoring these efforts to assure compliance with the national program. The State Floodplain Management Office also coordinates and/or collaborates on the following activities statewide:

  • Map Modernization and FEMA Risk MAP priorities
  • Integration of flood-resistant standards into the Florida Building Code
  • Coordination with federal flood mitigation grant programs
  • Integration of floodplain management concepts and tasks into local mitigation strategies (developed by each of the 67 Florida counties)
  • Floodplain management and flooding issues pertaining to the State's Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan and planning process
  • State agency management of state-owned facilities in special flood hazard areas
  • Training of local floodplain management officials in partnership with the Florida Floodplain Managers Association (FFMA)
  • Local floodplain management challenges and opportunities
  • Coordination with the Florida Dam Safety Program
  • Partnerships with federal, state and local organizations pertinent to floodplain management

The implementation of pre-disaster mitigation incentives, such as the NFIP Community Rating System and federal flood mitigation grant programs (Flood Mitigation Assistance Program, Severe Repetitive Loss Program, and Repetitive Flood Claims Program), serve Florida's residents and businesses that continue to experience high growth and development. Florida communities constitute the largest number of participants in the Community Rating System, which provides a comprehensive approach to flood mitigation. Citizens in Florida's communities that qualify for the Community Rating Systems receive discounts on the cost of federal flood insurance ranging from 5% to 25%.


Quick Guide for Floodplain Management

Quick Guide for Floodplain Management NEW!

Illustrated guide for floodplain management in Florida, available for desktop printing and an Adobe® Slideshow.  The Quick Guide is intended to provide an overview for non-technical local staff and is useful to refresh what you already know about managing flood hazard areas.

Updated Flood Hazard Information for 2016 Hurricanes

Local Coordination Resources

Community Rating System

Flood Insurance

  • Is My Community in the NFIP? (as of 12-31-13) PDF
  • Summary of Coverage (F-679) PDF
  • Managing Your Flood Insurance Claim (F-685) PDF
  • Flood Insurance Claims Handbook (F-687) PDF

Letters of Map Change

  • Florida Guidance - Letters of Map Change PDF

Manufactured Homes

Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage

  • Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage Desk Reference (FEMA P-758, 2010) PDF

Technical Bulletins

Other Guidance for Activities in Special Flood Hazard Areas

Realtors and Property Owners

NFIP Insurance


For further information on the State of Florida Floodplain Management Office and for the National Flood Insurance and Flood Mitigation Assistance Programs, please contact:

Steve Martin, CFM, State Floodplain Manager
State Floodplain Management Office

January 5, 2018 15:36


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